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For professional roofing work, turn to REI Builders.

Your roof stands between you and the elements. If your roof has developed leaks, rot, or other forms of damage, it might not protect you the way it once did. If you are worried about the state of your roof for any reason, you need a roofing expert you can trust.

There are many reasons why you might call a roofer:

  • Inspecting a new house that you’ve recently bought or are considering buying
  • Rebuilding after storm damage has compromised the integrity of your roof
  • You notice missing shingles or other outward signs of damage
  • Your roof is over twenty years old

You should always be able to count on your roof. If you can’t, you can count on REI Builders. Find out what sets REI Builders apart from the competition.

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Our technicians are experienced in the many details of roof inspection and maintenance. We’ll investigate any source of damage (or potential damage) to your roof. We can handle anything from simple shingle replacement to a complete teardown.

Materials and Installation

A quality roof should last 15 to 20 years. REI Builders uses materials that last, from lumber to asphalt shingles and slate or metal roofing supplies. Every part of a roof needs to be durable, and we will not cut costs to provide you with sturdy materials that will stand against wind, rain, and snow.

Our connections with the best suppliers and vendors of roofing products allow us to keep costs low without sacrificing quality. We strictly adhere to industry best practices when installing or replacing your siding. You don’t want to invest money in a roof renovation only to have structural damage or missing shingles a few months or years down the road.


REI Builders value our relationships with our clients. This starts with quality roofing materials and professional installation.

We also make sure you understand the alternatives in building techniques and materials so that you can make an informed choice. Our technicians will never pressure you into a hasty decision to use our services.

We are courteous and prepared during every consultation and while we’re working on your roof. We will not let ourselves be rushed or disorganized because we recognize that it takes time and care to get the job done right.

Choosing REI Builders

A roof repair is a major investment in the value of any home. A qualified roof inspection can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in the appraised value of a home. REI Builders works hard to be accurate and dependable in all aspects of our work, from the initial estimate to the final sign-off.

If you’ve done your internet research and are ready to get estimates, we hope you’ll put REI Builders at the top of your list. Don’t put off crucial home repairs any longer. Call REI Builders at (804) 683-9308 or visit us at 1100 Kalliope Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23838 to speak with a representative today about your roofing project.